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Reasons to go for DNA Testing

DNA testing usually involves a series of tests in which the DNA is extracted from an individual’s cells so that it can be tested for any changes. DNA testing can, therefore, be used for a paternity test to handle the cases of child support and custody. If a parent has doubts whether or they are the biological parent of a child, they should consider using the DNA testing. Molecular genetic testing is one method that can be used to study both the single genes or short length DNA to see if there is variations or mutations. . Even though the process of genetic testing should be voluntary, the decision to undertake it can sometimes be a daunting task

The test report might reveal that you have a genetic condition or disease in your DNA sequence. Armed with this knowledge, it is easy for your doctor to prevent the occurrence or triggering of the disease. In most cases, the report usually confirms the diagnosis of the genetic condition, and this can help you in managing the diseases. For most of the disorders, genetic testing is the most appropriate method to come up with a diagnosis criteria so that you avoid having any unnecessary clinical investigation. It can sometimes be scary to find out if you are at risk of a given disease, although it is essential that you know.

This is probably the biggest advantage of DNA testing, and it can today be used to solve criminal investigations. With this technique, it is now easy to identify suspects in crime especially when they leave behind a trail of evidence at the crime scene. Since each person has a unique set of genetic information, the evidence found at the crime scene can, therefore, be used to match the suspect in crime. DNA testing has helped to solve most rape cases since the DNA from the skin or blood can be matched to the genetic information of the suspect.

The accuracy of the genetic results is important since certain crucial life decisions are usually made based on the results. One way of getting the right and accurate results is through ensuring that the tests have been done by a reputable and accredited laboratory. The right patient care should involve not only pre-genetic counseling but also the post-genetic counseling so that they explain to you the various options available.

DNA testing can also be used to sort out inheritance cases. In most inheritance cases, situations usually arise whereby an unknown person lay claim over the inheritance. Those who wish to become parents in the future can also be screened to figure out if they are carriers to certain genetic conditions. These DNA test reports can inform a person on a wide range of health conditions and their tolerance to certain medications.

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